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Here comes Hilal

Last week, we had the final round of the league’s first level. I definitely enjoyed watching especially the most important match, Hilal-Ahli.
Hilal turned the tables on Ahli and went from 0-1 to 4-1 in its favor. It was a match dominated by the Blues. But although they won, I don’t think Hilal is as strong as the team it used to be.
As a matter of fact, I believe that Hilal is in its weakest season as far as its own plays go. Despite that, the team still played better than Ahli which probably thought that after its brilliant goal, it could put Hilal down.
Ahli’s problem is the same as the other Saudi teams. They made Hilal their only goal in the league. These teams kept their concentration on Hilal. Like Ahli who’s already aiming for Hilal even before the game with Ta’awon, so instead of winning they lost both matches.
I wonder why when Hilal is not the toughest opponent out there. The way I see it, there is nothing much to fear about Hilal anymore. These teams should take Fateh’s lead as they beat Hilal earlier in the second round. If Fateh’s luck contines in Ahsa, they could be the closest team to get the league title.
The league now is much harder for Ittihad and Ahli. So far, Hilal is the fiercest competition of the current No. 1 Fateh. Nasr although far from being No. 1 , is doing much better than before while Shabab needs to figure out the weak points to better its performance.