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Hope for GCC Cup

Last Wednesday, our national team had a friendly match with Argentina. Our team played well although Argentina was obviously going easy on us. Despite that fact the match gave hope to supporters for the coming GCC Cup. I only wish that Mr. Rijkaard will finally make up his mind and come up with the lineup. I keep seeing different faces in every friendly match. Its about time the final lineup focuses its strength and energy to the GCC Cup.
I also would like to reiterate my concerns in my previous column. These friendly matches are costly and we could put this money in friendly tournaments with four to six teams within our level instead. It would be a great training ground and the Mr. Rijkaard would probably have an easier time creating a lineup. Along with the coming GCC Cup, I hope we get to reach the Asian Cup. Actually winning the GCC Cup will be a good preparation for the Asian qualifiers.
Back to the league, my fear has been realized. Ahli has been affected by the 2-1 result of the Asian Champions League final when it lost to Ta’awon. If Ali doesn’t pick up now it could end the season empty handed. And Ittihad seems to be following Ahli’s lead downside, and has yet to find luck. The spotlight is now on Hilal. Unfortunately its management does not seem to acknowledge this perfect opportunity. Let’s see if they will wake up soon.