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Housekeeping the horror

Again, a bloody scene takes place in Yanbu. This beautiful city, by the Red Sea coast, to the west of Saudi Arabia, experienced another horrifying night, just two months after another housekeeper chopped off a Saudi child’s head. In the new accident, the housekeeper attacked the daughter while sleeping. She started trying to cut off her head, the mother rushes as she hears screams of the daughter. As the mother approaches the disaster, the housekeeper leaves the first victim, and turns to the mother to start stabbing her. Luckily, more screams of both, the mother and the daughter, brought in the neighbors. They came in and controlled the housekeeper while others were rushing with the two victims to the hospital. Serious cuts in the neck, hands and various stabs lead the two immediately to the IC unit.
In short, I believe it is time for the Saudi authority to start applying strict laws on the business of house recruitment. This business is still enjoying the looseness of regulations. There are no measurements applied. This housekeeper could be a victim in the first place. Let us start asking: Was the housekeeper carefully interviewed? Did she go through a psychological test? Was there any orientation about the nature of the job? Did she know the family’s financial situation? Did she know that 85 percent of the Saudi population is middle-class and less?
Loads of questions could be listed here. But the only remaining fact shall be: Recruitment businessmen are after the profit, even through the cheap utility of humanity. It is tremendously worrying for Saudi society to wait for more victims on both sides.

— The writer is chairman of the Saudi Cartoon & Animation Society
Twitter: @abdullahsayel
E-mail: [email protected]