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Saudi Arabia

Hundreds of Egyptian overstayers request repatriation

Hundreds of Egyptian overstayers, men and women, continue to gather in front of the Egyptian Consulate in Jeddah, on Tuesday, demanding a facilitated and speedier repatriation back to their home country. The Egyptian overstayers, had entered the Kingdom on an Umrah visa, and then violated the permitted duration of their visas, in order to perform Haj. Now that they have performed Haj, these men and women, are requesting the help of their consulate, to return back to their country without facing any penalties.
Most of the overstayers hail from rural areas in Egypt, and have previously violated their short-term visas, to stay in the Kingdom till Haj season.
Due to strict measures taken by the Egyptian authorities, this phenomenon has drastically been reduced, in comparison to previous years. However, unfortunately, there are still some Egyptians nationals that opt for this fraudulent practice, and find themselves in a difficult situation.
The overstayers have taken over yards of land, opposite the consulate, making it increasingly difficult for residents who live close by, to move and park their cars freely.
An additional security personnel has been deployed at the Egyptian Consulate as a precautionary measure.

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