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Saudi Arabia

Hypertension treated through a catheter

As the first hospital in the Middle East, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Specialist Hospital has succeeded in helping five patients with chronic hypertension using second-generation devices to cauterize renal nerves via catheter.
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Kurdi, a consultant cardiologist and president of the Heart Surgery Medical Center at the hospital, has conducted the operations, along with his colleague Dr. Ayman Samih Al-Khadraa. The innovator of the treatment of hypertension via catheter, professor Konestantinos Tisovis, was also present.
Kurdi said the medical team was able to successfully perform the five operations without any complications.
Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Specialist Hospital is the first medical facility in the Middle East to apply this treatment. The operation made an improvement to the patients’ health and lowered their blood pressure. Further improvement was expected in future.
Kurdi explained that a number of scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of this technique to treat patients with hypertension. It reduced their dependency on drugs normally used to control the disease. In some cases the patients no longer needed the drugs. A few associations and medical organizations specializing in heart disease and blood pressure therefore recommend using the catheterizing of the renal nerves technique for chronic hypertension.
Ayman said that each operation lasted between 30 to 45 minutes, followed by a short convalescence period. All patients left the hospital the following day and were able to exercise their normal lives after less than 48 hours, without any complications.

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