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Innovative Touareg a sensation among SUVs

When Volkswagen introduced the Touareg in 2010, it presented a completely redeveloped sport utility vehicle (SUV), which unites the world of off-road vehicles with the comfortable dimensions of a luxury sedan and the dynamic attributes of a sports car. Today, Touareg has positioned itself as a sensation among SUV fans in the region.
With characteristics that prove popular with Middle East customers, the Touareg is longer, lighter, sleeker, safer, and roomier than its predecessor.
Now weighing 208 kg less than before, the nimble Touareg manages to attain 1,642 liters of cargo space despite its improved aerodynamic design, and large variety of new assistance and safety systems.
World first innovations include bi-xenon headlights with Dynamic Light Assist, and a standard 8-speed automatic transmission — the first of its kind in the world in the SUV segment. The plethora of new innovations also include a pushbutton parking brake, automatic Stop-Start engine shut-off system, electronic oil level display, panoramic sunroof — the largest ever used on an SUV, multi camera operated Area View safety system, Lane and Side Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) plus Front Assist, automatic tailgate, and proactive occupant protection.
Fuel economy and emissions values are significantly improved on the conventionally powered Touareg petrol engine version. The petrol engine has a new thermal management system to guarantee that the proper operating temperature is reached quicker, which is important in attaining better fuel economy, especially on short driving trips.
The Touareg also boasts a range of engines that are nearly 20 percent more fuel efficient, and is the first and only SUV of European origin to be available in a hybrid version.
The Touareg is available with a V6 FSI, a direct-injection petrol engine with 206 kW /280HP. At 9.9 l/100 km, the 3.6-litre engine with 360 Newton-meter torque now consumes an incredible 2.5 liters less than the previous version. This combined fuel consumption is equivalent to CO2 emissions of 236 g/km. That is precisely 60 g/km less than before.
A more powerful V8 FSI 265kW/360HP engine version is also available in the Touareg. The V8 boats a 4.2-litre engine with 440 Newton-meters torque.
All Touareg versions are now shifted by a standard 8-speed automatic transmission — the first of its kind in the world in the SUV segment. The 7th and 8th gears are laid out as fuel-efficient overdrive gears. The 8th gear reduces engine speed by 34 percent compared to 6th gear. That saves on fuel and reduces emissions.
The Touareg is not only one of the most sustainable SUVs in the world, but also one of the safest passenger vehicles of all times.