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It’s all honey and roses in Taif this season

Apart from its enchanting roses, Taif is famous for its natural honey. The honey produced in the region is considered one of the best varieties in the Kingdom.
The honey is harvested in abundance after the rainy season when farms and hills have plenty of flower bearing trees and plants.
Apiculturists bring in their product in every morning for auction at the market. "Wild honey from trees on high mountains is white, while the honey produced in plains is brownish,” the chairman of the Taif Apiculturists Society Maqboul Talha said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency.
Honey is harvested both in summer and winter seasons in large quantities. He added that in winter, the main source of honey is plant flowers.
Apart from local residents, tourists also buy the pure honey from local markets.
More than 150,000 hives are producing approximately 500 tons of high-quality honey per season in Taif. While 85,000 hives are traditional, 15,000 hives are grown using modern technology.
It is also estimated that 50,000 hives are grown in small trucks that move about looking for favorable breeding locations and markets.
Local women use honey to cook various dishes and sweets such as Qurs Millah, Qurs Al-Mujrifah, Husaisah, Al-Maasub and Al-Areekah, among many other items.