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JCCI urges investments in mental health services

The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) has hosted a ceremony to conclude the activities of the country’s participation in the World Mental Health Day (WMH) 2012 under the theme “Depression: A Global Crisis”.
The JCCI introduced several activities, programs and symposiums aimed to increase awareness about mental health and encourage investments to provide the requirements for prevention and support curative services. The activities were held under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Health’s mental and social health department in cooperation with Al-Amal Mental Health Hospital and the charitable Family Protection Society under the supervision of the World Health Organization.
A discussion on violence and depression was held during the ceremony, in which the vice president of the Saudi Psychiatry Association, Muhammad bin Abdullah Shawoush, participated. The discussion focused on solutions and suggestions for tackling the crisis of depression in societies and deal with it as a phenomenon related to violence, crime and drugs.
Chairwomen of the Family Protection Society Samira Al-Ghamdi delivered a speech on the Kingdom’s celebration of the WMH, which included lectures and symposiums delivered and managed by a number of mental health consultants. She also thanked the chamber for hosting the concluding ceremony.
Al-Ghamdi said about 350 million people in the world are affected by depression. Those affected have simple mood changes and emotional reactions, but they can develop into a serious health condition.

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