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Jeddah’s spring fest to begin Jan. 9

The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) will launch a festival early next year titled 'Hayya Jeddah' (Let's Go Jeddah) during the spring vacation for Jeddawis and those visiting the city.
The event that will run from Jan. 9 to Feb. 7 aims to enhance tourism activities in Jeddah.
Adnan bin Husain Mandoura, JCCI general secretary, said the festival, comprising shopping and other fun activities, with the opening of the new North Corniche will bring a wave of enjoyment to the Western Region. The North Corniche has been recently opened after being refurbished according to international touristic standards.
“The focus of this spring break festival will be to make Jeddah the first and foremost shopping destination in the Kingdom. This event will be organized with the cooperation and support of retail and tourism sectors that will provide discounted rates at hotels, entertainment venues, resorts and other places,” said Mandoura.
He said the different activities of the festival will take place in major shopping malls, and at the Corniche.
Madoura said that thousands of visitors are expected to visit the festival and that a special website will also be launched, in addition to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube media for dispatching information related to the event.
Ibrahim Dahlan, deputy general secretary, said a number of companies have expressed interest in sponsoring different programs in the festival.
Mohamed Mansour, director of Jeddah Marketing Center, said the primary objective of the festival is to stimulate economic activity in the city and establish events and recreational centers for all.