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Jeddah flood trial: Court orders district chief to be brought in

The Administrative court in Jeddah summoned yesterday to bring in a neighborhood chief by force to address charges against him in corruption cases in partnership with a former head of a branch municipality. The most notable case is the land grab of more than 100,000 square meters of land and the purchase of 11 pieces of land with the intent of selling it later.
The court order came while the ex-municipality head was standing for trial concerning corruption cases. These charges were filed by the control and investigation board. The board charged him with obtaining legitimate power of attorney from women with the intent of buying lands then selling them illegally.
The charges included the abuse of power by obtaining an area of 100,000 square meters of land when he was heading the branch, seeking personal gains from the job and encroaching on the rights of others, as well as administrative malfunction, purchasing plots of land at lower prices than the market price and receiving bribes.
During the trial, the man denied all charges, asking the judge, Dr. Saad Al-Maliki, to summon the mayor for questioning.
He told the Administrative Court in Jeddah that he had bought the 11 plots of land which under his name using funds from his family’s company.
With regards the power of attorney, which he obtained to manage businesswomen’s works, the defendant confirmed that his father was their agent and that following his death, the women asked him to handle the work because of their long family relations.
The judge showed the defendant‘s statement to the public prosecutor. The court had attested these confessions which confirms that the mayor is an accomplice to the crime.
The court said that there is no evidence on the relationship between the defendant and the mayor. The court has revealed that the defendant denied his confessions. On the other hand, the prosecutor didn’t summon the mayor to question him regarding the accusations
The ex-municipality head said that regulations allow him to buy lands with no intent to sell, pointing out to the court that the 11 plots which he bought were not for sale or investment.
The court decided to adjourn the case until the month of Safar and has assigned the case to the relevant authorities to bring in the Mayor.
The court has previously found the ex-municipality head innocent of the charges filed against him by the Control and Investigation Board before it was re-filed by the Court of Appeal.

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