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Jotun aims for stronger MENA market presence

Saudi Arabia is reportedly poised toward driving in more growth for the country's thriving decorative paint segment, with the introduction of key initiatives and programs. In line with this growth, Jotun Paints, one of the world's leading producers and distributors of paints and coatings, has revealed a new strategic initiative, “Closer to Consumer,” which is focused on consolidating the company's market presence in the Kingdom. The announcement was accompanied with the launch of “Fenomastic Stain Resistant” and “Fenomastic Hygiene.” In addition, the company has also revealed a new design packaging for the “Jotashield” line of paints. The launch was successfully held across three major Saudi cities that included Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.
The launch of the new products and the newly packaged “Jotashield” complements the company's move towards consolidating its Saudi market leadership while at the same time reinforcing customer ties. Industry reports have revealed that the increasing number of construction projects in Saudi Arabia have become one of the key factors attributed to the continuous growth of the country's paint market. To complement this positive streak, Jotun has remained committed in meeting market needs through its development of innovative, high-quality products and maintaining its reputation for raising benchmarks in production techniques and products within the paint manufacturing industry.
"The launch of “Fenomastic Stain Resistant” and “Fenomastic Hygiene,” demonstrates our capability to innovate broadly, reliably, and successfully, year after year, in every part of our business.
Our aim is to be able to come up with an innovative line of products that our customers can widely depend on," said Erik Aaberg, Group Executive Vice President, Jotun.

"Innovation is not only the core target of our business model but also the primary track that drives us to meet the demands of our customers while also reinforcing retail partnerships-ultimately reaching the target growth that we have set to achieve."

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