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Kia Motors joins Top 100 Best Global Brands list

KIA Motors Corporation has entered the exclusive list of the Top 100 Best Global Brands, according to the 2012 study released by Interbrand, the world's largest brand consultancy agency.
According to the report, Kia has achieved a noticeable increase in its trademark that reached $4.1 billion, which ranked Kia the 87th spot in the list of Top 100 Best Global Brands. Kia brand value has increased by around 50 percent compred to its value last year (2011). The annual study released by Interbrand was carefully organized where the implementation and disclosure of its results came after analyzing all the companies thorough evaluation of the performance by a group of analysts and experts in this field.
The study evaluated the performance of the financial stability and the net profit return for the investor. The brand was evaluated in terms of the brand buying decision and the strength of the trademark and its ability to generate profit of the expected future.
This strength of brand image reflects Kia Motors' recent increase in sales globally in ascending fashion, where in three years straight it has doubled its sales and registered astounding sales year after year. This achievement enhanced Kia’s position as one of the fastest growing car brands in the world.
Abdulslam Al-Jabr, VP sales and marketing at Al-Jabr Motors, said: "Entering the Top 100 Best Global Brands validates Kia's commitment to continuously provide exciting and inspiring brand experiences. And it's amazing to see what we can accomplish by staying true to who we are - a young and dynamic challenger that goes beyond expectations."
Adding to the many achievements Kia has earned in terms of sales and product quality, Kia has managed to achieve many successful marketing campaigns that have enhanced its brand image globally.

Kia has been sponsoring many important international sport events, including the World Cup. It is in official partnership with the International Federation of Football FIFA, as well as the main sponsor of the Australian Open.
The history of Al-Jabr group dates back to 1952, when the sons of Hamad Mohammed Al-Jabr established it to lead its way in the world of business and commerce.

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