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Saudi Arabia

Kingdom expands English education

JEDDAH: Education Minister Prince Faisal bin Abdullah yesterday announced his ministry’s plan to expand English language teaching in Kingdom’s schools.
“The ministry has restructured English teaching to improve its efficiency in the intermediate and secondary levels by developing the curriculum and improving the capabilities of teachers,” the prince said.
He said the new program to improve English education was aimed at meeting the requirements of knowledge economy, university education and job market.
“The new project will cover all government and private schools at all levels beginning from Class IV to secondary level as well as specialized institutes and centers under the ministry,” Prince Faisal said.
The Council of Ministers had earlier instructed the ministry to apply English teaching from Class IV of the primary level in a phased manner and that English would be taught as a basic subject.
The Cabinet also instructed the ministry to start teaching English before Class IV after completing necessary preparations.
The application of English teaching in Class IV has so far covered 35 percent of government schools (4,262). During the next academic year it will reach 60 percent (7,245) when it will applied in Class IV and V. A year later it will be applied in Class IV, V and VI covering 12,063 schools.
In the intermediate level, English teaching has covered only 11 percent of schools this year. Next year it will reach 51 percent (3,591 schools) and a year later 100 percent covering 7,040 intermediate schools.
In the secondary level, English teaching was applied only to 5 percent of schools so far but next year it is expected to reach 40 percent and in 2014 100 percent covering 5,315 secondary schools across the country.
The project includes the preparation of world-class syllabuses with a local touch. At the same time advanced training will be given to teachers.


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