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Saudi Arabia

Kingdom offers road map to reform UN Security Council

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia yesterday presented a six-point road map for the reform of UN Security Council during a special meeting in Rome.
“We have to have a road map before going to restructure the organization,” State Minister for Foreign Affairs Nizar Madani told the meeting.
He said the reform should aim at strengthening the council to protect global peace and security, take into consideration the new global developments and ensure a just and balanced geographic representation.
“It should also take into consideration issues such as the veto power, regional representation, the size of the council, the way of its working and the relation between the council and the UN General Assembly,” he said. Saudi Arabia said the council should prevent conflicts and wars before happening and prevent members from taking unilateral decisions in dealing with international conflicts.
The council members should work jointly under the council’s umbrella, Madani said, adding that it should keep away from double standards while taking decisions.

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