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KSA to witness pivotal progress in e-learning

Abdullah Al-Migrin director of the National Center for E-learning and Distance Learning (NCEL) said Saudi Arabia will witness substantial progress in e-learning during the next five years.
Al-Migrin, who was speaking on the sidelines of the third conference on e-learning in Riyadh, said the event aims to encourage the exchange of ideas and strategies regarding the implementation of technology for education purposes. 
According to Al-Migrin, the first two conferences were successful in highlighting the importance of e-learning, while this conference focused on the implementation of technology in higher education institutions. 
He said the conference focused mainly on the challenges facing the region and its communities, notably in issues related to e-learning and integrating technology within educational systems.
Nations do not only depend on economic growth to realize progress, they also require scientific and academic advancement in order to achieve real development, said the director of NCEL. He also stressed that greater care must be given to human resources development, as human capital is the basis for future progress. 
Elaborating on the issue, he said the rapid developments in technology have facilitated the exchange of information and nations must capitalize on this great phenomenon to revolutionize education and learning. 
Al-Migrin called on universities in the region to embark on implementing technology and distance-learning systems to empower their students to learn and acquire knowledge, as well to get exposure from the world. He also urged universities to reconsider their regulations in issuing degrees as many counterfeit and forged certificates have been awarded, some of which belong to developed countries. 
Commenting about Saudi universities, the NCEL chief said some of the Kingdom’s universities have a distinguished position in the world of technology and e-learning.
Despite their conditions, countries of the region are steadily progressing, notably Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries. At the Kingdom’s level, the next five years are expected to witness an expansion of e-learning due to the existence of good infrastructure, high-caliber educational supervision, transfer to automation, and acquisition of knowledge and technical developments, the NCEL chief pointed out.

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