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Saudi Arabia

KSA's home consumption of oil 4 m bpd

Saudi Aramco announced that local consumption of oil, which hit 4 million barrels a day, is considered one of the highest rates in the world.
Aramco called for reducing production and consumption of power, and to find alternative power sources.
In the Saudi exhibition for electricity held in Riyadh, Ahmad Al-Khiwaitir, executive manager of power systems, said that it’s an inevitable need to lessen oil consumption.
The Kingdom consumes more than 4 million barrels of oil a day to meet the local demand for power, said Al-Khiwaitir. “According to international statistics, the average amount of individual consumption of oil in KSA is double the international consumption rate,” he added.
“Aramco has adopted the electricity efficiency program since 2000, which aims to annually reduce power consumption by 2 percent in the companies premises. To support this, 2GW plants, which raise power efficiency to 75 percent, were built to produce steam and electricity,” he clarified.

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