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Letters to the Editor: Saudis to work as cabbies

Saudis to work as cabbies
This refers to the news report, “28,000 Saudis to work as cabbies,” (May 20). The news can be perceived as good or bad depending on who are going to be affected by the move. According to the report, the Saudi drivers will get a monthly salary of at least SR 5,000. The plan will be implemented with the financial support of the Human Resources Development Fund and is expected to be ready within three months. It may be good news for Saudi job seekers who want to drive taxis but for many it may not be a welcome news unless the drivers are properly trained to follow traffic rules.
There is a perception that young Saudis are reckless drivers and they hardly follow traffic rules. It is not true for all but for many it is the case and the result is the growing number of road casualties.
These drivers may not be able to control the habit of reckless driving, text-messaging while behind the wheel and also talking on mobile phones while driving. These could add to traffic chaos.
The Ministry of Labor’s plan is excellent but it would be good if those given the jobs are trained properly so that they can adhere to the traffic rules. This will make them well-mannered, safe and competent taxi drivers that will be something of benefit to the society.

SRK's IPL brawl
Shah Rukh Khan’s five-year ban from Mumbai's famed Wankhede Cricket Stadium, over an alleged brawl with officials, coupled with a string of recent incidents, including a fisticuffs with best friend Farah Khan's husband, is just deserts for a star who has taken fame and popularity to a new low!
With an array of Khans in the industry, SRK is the only star bearing this illustrious surname, whose ego is larger than the billboards that show the enormity of his sheer star power — and, who single-handedly ignited Bollywood, without any family connections in the industry, giving it the aura that it now commands on the world entertainment scene!
A star who saw his films’ producers, notably the Yash Chopra and Karan Johar camps, come out of near financial doldrums, after a string of failures, prior to him bursting on the scene, to become India's powerhouse studios — is all due to his immense box office appeal! With arch-nemesis Aamir Khan gaining plaudits for his reality show, this gaffe by the superstar is nothing short of self destruction in an industry that can praise — and reduce a star to nothingness!
No star is greater than the net sum of his persona!
A.R. Modak

Excellent interview
This is in reference to the recent interview of Syed Shahabuddin published in Indian newspapers. I really enjoyed the fascinating interview. It offers rare insight into one of the tallest Muslim leaders after Independence and one of the brilliant minds of our times. However, I do not agree with the intro blaming him for the rise of anti-Muslim forces in the country as a result of his Babri Masjid agitation and Shah Bano case.
The Babri Masjid agitation was launched in response to the Ram temple agitation by the Hindutava groups, not the other way round. Also, it is unfair to single out Shahabuddin for the whole thing. It was not an individual's campaign for personal glory but a people's protest seeking protection for their places of worship and rights. The entire Muslim community and all Muslim organizations and parties were behind the cause. Shahabuddin only spoke on behalf of his people, and God knows he did a very good job of it. God bless him with a long life and strength to continue doing what he does best.
Aijaz Zaka Syed