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Smoking problem

This is with reference to the report “65% of secondary schoolgirls smoke” (Feb. 8). It is an alarming trend and needs to be checked at the earliest. According to the report, exposure to western and social media is to be blamed for this trend. It is partially true. It is high time we stopped the habit of passing the buck to others. It is a social problem that requires an in-depth analysis of the situation so as to identify the underlying factors behind this trend.
Smoking is equally injurious to men and women. But the situation becomes even worse in the case of the latter, as they are the mothers of future. According to scientific research, long-term smoking causes changes to the DNA, which consequently gives rise to several health problems in children of smoking mothers.
Instead of adopting a harsh policy to curb this practice, there is a great need for educating children about the hazards of smoking.
Rabia Ahmed


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