ALJ-Toyota previews new Avalon, Rav 4 at SIMS

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Updated 27 December 2012

ALJ-Toyota previews new Avalon, Rav 4 at SIMS

Making a dramatic impact on day one, Toyota surprised visitors to the Saudi International Motor Show (SIMS) in Jeddah by unveiling the keenly anticipated all new 2013 Toyota Avalon and the completely re-engineered SUV Toyota Rav 4. Toyota had on display its full 2013 line up at the show in addition to the fun and interactive activities that have become the hallmark of the Toyota pavilion at the motor show and something Kingdom’s car enthusiasts look for every year.
The motor show was inaugurated on Dec. 24 by Mufarreh bin Mohammed Al-Zahrani, general director of roads and transports department in Makkah Province, and is being held till Dec. 28.
Adel Ezzat, MD-marketing at Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), the authorized distributor of Toyota in Saudi Arabia, said: “The Saudi International Motor Show is a world-class event and as such it is the ideal platform for us to unveil two key Toyota models, while also on display are the Toyota Prius, the pioneer of hybrid vehicles, some special editions for our youth and the complete range of Toyota cars.”
Ezzat added: “With major happenings such as these two debuts, along with many exciting activities and competitions, we look forward to welcoming many more visitors during the next few days to have the joyful experience at the Toyota booth.”

Six clairvoyant creatures with a knack for scoring at the World Cup

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Six clairvoyant creatures with a knack for scoring at the World Cup

From fortune-telling felines to sea creatures with a knack for backing the winning side, these animals are scoring fans across the world.

Paul the octopus
The sea creature made headlines at the 2010 tournament in South Africa when he correctly predicted that Spain would win the final. His keepers at Germany’s Oberhausen Sea Life Center would offer him two boxes that contained food and had different countries’ flags on the outside — he correctly predicted all seven of Germany’s results. Paul sadly passed away in his tank in October of 2010 — gone, but not forgotten.

Shaheen the camel
A wise camel named Shaheen was discovered by a Dubai-based newspaper among the rolling dunes of the desert and made quite a name for himself during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil by picking 19 out of 29 matches correctly. He has returned for the 2018 edition of the tournament and correctly predicted that Russia would win against Saudi Arabia in the much-awaited opening match.

Achilles the cat
The deaf, snow-white cat who hails from St. Petersburg lives at the Hermitage Museum in the city and chooses between bowls of cat food marked with countries’ flags. During this World Cup, the pet correctly predicted that Russia would beat Saudi Arabia in the opening match.

Nelly the elephant
The elephant took part in a spectacular penalty shootout at the Serengeti Park zoo in Hodenhagen, northern Germany. She made predictions about the 2006 Women’s World Cup and the 2010 World Cup and hit the mark 30 out of 33 times.

Zabiyaka the goat
The white goat, hailed as the “Oracle of Samara,” lives in the southwestern Russian city and predicts winners by eating a plate of food placed behind the flag of various competing teams. The goat this week predicted a draw for Group C match between Denmark and Australia.

Wolodja the tiger
We’re not too sure about this one as the Siberian tiger in the German town of Chemnitz seems to be lacking feline intuition. The beautiful creature was asked to choose the winner of the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia but remained staunchly diplomatic and refused to pick a side. Perhaps a posting in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is more in order?