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All-new Hyundai i40 unveiled at Jeddah Motor Show

THE 35TH SESSION of Saudi International Motor Show (SIMS) in Jeddah witnessed the debut of the all-new Hyundai car model i40, which was showcased at Mohammed Yousuf Naghi Motors (MYNM) - Hyundai stand.
Unlike many mid-sized sedan cars, the all-new i40 has sporty and stylish exterior including an integrated rear wing, as well as special surfaces design, which enhances aerodynamic features of the car. The exterior sleek design of the car is reflected on the design of its interior through the dashboard and the middle console where most of all i40 technologies are featured, including a clear 4.2" multi-function display screen.
The car is equipped with 2 liter engine that produces 180 hp. The car also has "stop-start" system which helps in reducing fuel consumption.
The all-new i40 car, as well, is equipped with a wide range of electronic systems that helps the driver control the car under various driving conditions, such as the third generation of ABS, which has been enhanced with EBD and ESC.
Hazm Jamjoom, executive director of MYNM-Hyundai said Naghi posted the first position in sales among Hyundai dealers worldwide as a result of its long-term marketing plans and strategies, as well as the huge investments devoted for Hyundai brand.
He further added that what helped Naghi most, in posting this leading position, were the modern models of Hyundai cars, which feature advanced technologies, stylish designs and variety of models to meet the customers' requirements.
Jamjoom explained that the all-new car i40 is one of (i) series that includes other models, such as i10, i20 and i30, all these models achieved a remarkable success because of their stylish design and strong performance.
He added that the features of the all-new i40 have never been gathered in one car of its segment, and thus it will open the door widely for more success for Hyundai in the Saudi market.

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