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Volkswagen showcases new models

SAMACO, the exclusive dealer of Volkswagen (VW) in Saudi Arabia, is to showcase its impressive 2013 model lineup at the 34th Saudi International Motor Show (SIMS) in Jeddah.
Visitors to the show, which kicked off on Dec. 24 and will continue till Dec. 28 at the Jeddah Center for Forums & Events, have an opportunity to see all of VW's latest models, including the Passat, Polo, Jetta, Passat CC, Touareg, Golf R and Tiguan.
Philip Burrluck, manager of VW brand at SAMACO, said: "Building on the success of our participation at the Riyadh Motor Show, we now offer people in Jeddah the opportunity to see our extremely impressive range of models, which provide a combination of quality, innovative technology, and German engineering, all at competitive prices.
“The demand for Volkswagen’s in the Middle East, and especially Saudi Arabia, just keeps getting stronger. The group’s sales results for 2012 have been extremely encouraging with 22 percent increase from January to October 2012, compared to the same period in 2011, making Volkswagen the fastest growing volume manufacturer in the region,” he added.
On display at the show are:
The Passat 2013, which is larger and spacious than the previous edition and sets new standards in its segment in terms of safety, technology, space and luxury.
The new Polo sedan, which is the first generation of this model launched in the Middle East. It comes with the highest standards of modern automotive engineering and highest manufacturing quality to complement Volkswagen's sedan models in the Middle East.
The newly redesigned Jetta, launched in the Saudi market after posting great success around the world, where more than 9.6 million units were sold worldwide so far, is an ideal option for those who wish to get a German safe and comfortable salon car at affordable prices.
The new Touareg model, on the other hand, is a variant of the car which won several times in the Paris-Dakar rally — the world’s toughest car rally.
Inspired by racing cars, the new Golf R variant, packed with 225 hp engine, is the most powerful model in Golf line-up. Yet it boasts unrivalled fuel efficiency, consuming less than 21 percent of its predecessor.
Volkswagen has added a new trim level to its Tiguan line-up, the R-Line, which adds a number of unique and sporty styling touches inside and out. The Tiguan compact SUV model, completely redesigned to enhance its lead position in the segment, is the only SUV that offers three different variants — Sport & Style, Trend & Fun, and the Track & Style — which is designed for off-road driving. It is equipped, among others, with high-tech sport features to provide a high level of dynamic performance and stylish design.

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