List of members in new Shoura


Published — Saturday 12 January 2013

Last update 11 January 2013 11:43 pm

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1. Mohammed bin Ameen Al-Jeffery, deputy speaker
2. Fahhad bin Muetad Al-Hamad, assistant speaker
3. Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman Al-Bilaihi
4. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Albrahim
5. Ibrahim bin Mohammed Abu Abat
6. Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Hakami
7. Ahmed bin Saad Al-Mufreh
8. Ahmed bin Omer Al-Zaylaee
9. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Ghamdi
10. Ahmed bin Mahdi Al-Shuwaikhat
11. Osama bin Ali Gabbani
12. Elham bint Mahjoub Hasanain
13. Amal bint Salamah Al-Shaman
14. Thamer bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Ginawe
15. Thamer bin Nasser Ghoshayan
16. Thuraya bint Ahmed Obeid
17. Thuraya bint Ibrahim Al-Areedh
18. Jebran bin Hamid Al-Qahtani
19. Jebreel bin Hasan Areeshi
20. Al-Jawharah bint Ibrahim Bubsheet
21. Hatem bin Hasan Al-Marzooqi
22. Hamed bin Dhafi Al-Sharari
23. Hussam bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Anqari
24. Hamad bin Ayedh Al-Fahhad
25. Hamad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Hasoun
26. Hamdah bint Khalaf Al-Anazi
27. Hamza bin Hussein Al-Shareef
28. Hanan bint Abdul Raheem Al-Ahmadi
29. Hayat bint Sulaiman Sindi
30. Khaled bin Ibrahim Al-Awwad
31. Khaled bin Saad Saeed
32. Prince Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Mashari
33. Khaled bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Muhaisen
34. Khaled bin Mohammed Al-Saif
35. Khaled bin Mansour Al-Aqeel
36. Khidr bin Olayan Al-Qurashi
37. Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Dossary
38. Khalil bin Abdul Fattah Kurdi
39. Khoula bint Sami Al-Kuraia
40. Dalal bint Mekhled Al-Harbi
41. Rashed bin Hamad Al-Kuthairy
42. Zuhair bin Fahd Al-Harthi
43. Zainab bint Muthanna Abu-Taleb
44. Princess Sara bint Faisal
45. Salem bin Ali Al-Qahtani
46. Sami bin Mohammed Zaidan
47. Sattam bin Saud Lingawi
48. Saad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Bazie
49. Saad bin Mohammed Assiri
50. Saadoon bin Saad Al-Saadoun
51. Saud bin Humaid Al-Sibaie
52. Saud bin Abdul Rahamn Al-Shammari
53. Saeed bin Abdullah Al-Asheikh
54. Sultan bin Hassan Al-Sultan
55. Salwa bint Abdullah Al-Hazza
56) Sulaiman bin Saad Al-Humaid
57. Suleiman bin Abdullah Al-Majed
58. Saleh bin Hassan Al-Afaleq
59. Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al-Humaidi
60. Saleh bin Eid Al-Hussaini
61. Sadagah bin Yahya Fadil
62. Tareq bin Ali Fadaak
63. Azeb bin Saeed Al-Musbel
64. Abdul Rahman bin Ahmed Heijan
65. Abdul Rahman bin Rashid Al-Rashid
66. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Suwailem
67. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Abdul Qadir
68. Abdul Rahman bin Nasser Al-Atawi
69. Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim Al-Hadlaq
70. Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim Al-Haraqan
71. Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim Al-Saab
72. Abdul Aziz bin Adeeb Taher
73. Abdul Aziz bin Turki Al-Otaishan
74. Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al-Shamekh
75. Abdul Aziz bin Abdulkarim Al-Eissa
76. Abdul Aziz bin Gablan Al-Serani
77. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Askar
78. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Feefi
79. Abdullah bin Homoud Al-Harbi
80. Abdullah bin Zabin Al-Otaibi
81. Abdullah bin Salim Al-Maatani
82. Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Nujaidi
83. Abdullah bin Abdulkarim Al-Saadoun
84. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Muneef
85. Abdullah bin Muharib Al-Dufairy
86. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Jeghiman
87. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Nasser
88. Abdullah bin Mohammed Naseef
89. Abdul Mohsen bin Fahd Al-Marik
90. Adnan bin Ahmed Al-Bar
91. Assaf bin Salim Abu-Thunain
92. Atallah bin Ahmed Abu Hassan
93. Atta bin Hamoud Al-Subaiti
94. Ali bin Saad Al-Tokhais
95. Ali bin Abdulkarim Al Thuwaini
96. Ali bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi
97. Ali bin Mohammed Al-Tamimi
98. Ali bin Nasser Al-Wazrah
99. Amr bin Ibrahim Rajab
100. Awad bin Khuzaim Al-Asmari
101. Sheikh Isa bin Abdullah Al-Ghaith
102. Ghazi bin Faisal Binzagr
103. Fatima bint Mohammed Al-Qarni
104. Faleh bin Mohammed Al-Saghayer
105. Fayez bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Shihri
106. Fadwa bint Salamah Abu Marifah
107. Firdous bint Saud Al-Saleh
108. Fahd bin Hamoud Al-Anazi
109. Lubna bint Abdul Rahman Al-Ansari
110. Latifa bint Othman Al-Shaalan
111. Majed bin Abdullah Al-Muneef
112. Mohsen bin Ali Al-Hazmi
113. Mohammed bin Hamid Al-Naqadi
114. Mohammed bin Dakhil Al-Mutairi
115. Mohammed bin Saad Al-Saadan
116. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Qahtani
117. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Dehaim
118) Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Qahtani
119. Mohammed bin Faisal Abusaq
120. Mohammed bin Murshid Al-Rehaily
121. Mohammed bin Mahdi Al-Khunaizi
122. Mohammad Reza Hassan Nasrallah
123. Mahmoud bin Mohammed Al-Bedaiwi
124. Mastourah bint Obaid Al-Shammari
125. Mishaal bin Fahem Al-Sulami
126. Mustafa bin Mohammed Al-Idrisi
127. Mufreh bin Mohammed Al-Zahrani
128. Mufleh bin Daghiman Al-Rashidi
129. Mansour bin Saad Al-Kredes
130. Muna bint Abdullah Al-Mushait
131. Muna bint Mohammed Al-Dossary
132. Muwafek bin Fawaz Al-Ruwaili
133. Princess Moudi bint Khaled
134. Moudi bint Mohammed Al-Deghaither
135. Nasser bin Rajeh Al-Shahrani
136. Nasser bin Zaid Dawood
137. Nasser bin Ali Al-Moussa
138. Nasser bin Ghazi Al-Otaibi
139. Naif bin Marzouq Al-Fahhadi
140. Nihad bint Mohammed Al-Jeshi
141. Nawaf bin Bedah Al-Faghm
142. Nora bint Abdulaziz Al-Mubarak
143. Nora bint Abdullah Al-Asqah
144. Nora bint Abdullah Al-Adwan
145. Hashim bin Ali Al-Rajeh
146. Hani bin Yousuf Khashoggi
147. Huda bint Abdulrahman Al-Hulaisi
148. Haya bint Abdulaziz Al-Manea
149. Wafa bint Mahmoud Taibah
150. Yahya bin Abdullah Al-Samaan.

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