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Mathy outraces Sultan in Carrefour Le Mall event

One of the premium events of The Riyadh Wheelers season was held at the weekend when over 90 riders signed up for the Carrefour Le Mall three-stage two-day event, including a strong Saudi team.
Each stage called for a different skill set and consistency was the key to success, which was demonstrated perfectly by winner Thierry Mathy, who despite team tactics from the Saudi team, calculated exactly what position he needed to achieve overall victory.
His strongest challenge came from young Sultan Asiri who following team orders dropped back on the third stage but still hung on to take a fine second.
The first stage was an hour long criterium around a small circuit which demanded a high level of bike control and an ability to constantly change pace. After a high speed clash and in fading light, a group of 15 contested the sprint and after covering all the moves Mathy took victory from Asiri, with Abdullah in 3rd and the rest of the pack finishing within seconds of each other.
The second stage was a short time trial which had to be quickly rerouted due to a venue clash with the Riyadh Drifters Club, and again Mathy ruled supreme, this time Adel taking second from Sultan and last year’s champion, Vincent Engel. Abdullah rode a poor time trial, so for the final stage, Mathy only had to keep Sultan at bay, which he did to good effect, coming home in 4th place to Sultan’s 7th. The winner of the stage was Abdullah from Norberto Daa and Adel who all would have challenged for the overall had they been more consistent.
1 T. Mathy, 2 S. Asiri, 3N. Daa, 4 Abdullah, 5 Adel, 6 V. Engel, 7 P. Cudey, 8 M. Ball, 9 J. Villalobos, 10 S. Jenkins, 11 A. Carinan, 12 G. Guanlao, 13 R. Patrick, 14 G. Morete, 15 A. Macllachlan, 16 S. Gillespie, 17 P. McParland, 18 G. Laurie, 19 R. Minarro, 20 A. Rodriguez, 21 A. Williams, 22 K. Van Haasteren, 23 P. Foster, 24 R. Flores, 25 C. Brown, 26 F. Nevola, 27 R. Gocian, 28 A. Cuesta, 29 E. Gabuco, 30 Wolfgang, 31 R. Mason, 32 C. Von Skwarczinsky, 33 K. Pickles, 34 K. Walsh, 35 M. Suckling, 36 D. Pottinger, 37 M. Lincoln, 38 J. Garbutt, 39 G. Zondach, 40 K. Moolman, 41 A. Garcia, 42 M. Van Maastreicht, 43 J-M. Saluta, 44 D. Oliver, 45 E. Donnellan, DNF N. Al Mutrad, J. Kuba, D. Bennellick, G. Muetze, C. Johnson, A. Maniago, Brett, S. Tomlisson, E. Seneres, J. Cordial, J. Sunga, Crisencio, T. Watts, H. Rom, F. Requillo, F. Alhammoud, F. Gregorio, D. Dela, E. Lando, R. Bitong, D. Johnson, O. Yuazon, Saad, C. Morelos, M. Hesketh, J. Altavas, Q. Rowland, Benedict, R. Catoneon, R. Pedrosa, R. Delos Santos, M. Molina, D. Petkovski, L. Estera, M. Webb, L. Duffy, N. Ibarra, A. Regudo, D. Wright, A. Bahaa, M. Araujo, M. Flores, M. Bahaa, Cat B 1 V. Mathy, 2 T. Bremner, 3 J. Jaruskova, 4 F. Gocian, Junior 1 T. Cudey