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McDonald’s seeks place in Australian dictionary

SYDNEY: The Australian arm of McDonald’s has urged the national Macquarie Dictionary to include “Macca’s” — the brand’s local nickname — in its next edition. The hamburger giant said Macca’s was second only to “footy” among recognizable words in local slang, according to a branding survey it commissioned that found 55 percent of Australians referred to the golden arches in the abbreviated form.
“The research findings have shown that Macca’s is Australia’s favorite brand nickname and that half of the population use the iconic Australianism,” said McDonald’s Australia’s chief marketing officer Mark Lollback. “Knowing this, we think it’s time that Macquarie Dictionary Publishers added our moniker to their dictionary of Australian English.”
Lollback said Australia was the only country in the world that referred to McDonald’s as Macca’s and the abbreviation “reflects our place in the Australian community,” which has a penchant for jocular nicknames.