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Middle East peace

This is with reference the report, “Obama asked to work for Middle East peace” (Nov. 9 ). It is fact that in his first term the president ended the US military intervention in Iraq and pledged to bring back all the US combat troops from Afghanistan by 2014. Obama must keep his promise. But, there must not be any confusion about the fact among US policymakers or governments and leaders in Western countries that the peace they seek worldwide, will simply not come about from meting out bad treatment to people, especially Muslims, such as in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places. Lasting peace will not come as long as their home lands remain under occupation as in Palestine by Israel, in Iraq and Afghanistan by US and its associates. Long sufferings of people who deserve self-determination but have been denied the same for decades are bound to breed hatred and revenge for their miserable conditions. — Naser Mullah, Riyadh


This refers to the article “Russians to Israel over Syria: We are obliged” by Abdulrahman Al-Rashed...

I am writing this letter to clarify certain points concerning the report about Brazil, titled “...