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Palestinians set up new W. Bank protest camp

BURIN, Palestinian Territories: Palestinians and activists were yesterday setting up camp near a village in the northern West Bank, in their third attempt at a new form of protest against Jewish settlements.
An AFP correspondent said the structures at the site near Burin, south of Nablus, so far comprised of four huts and three tents.
“The neighborhood is called Al-Manatir,” activist Abir Kopty told AFP. “Burin lost a lot of its land to the settlements around, Har Bracha and others, and is subject to settlers’ terror and attacks on the people.”
Kopty and the AFP correspondent said settlers looked on from afar and threw stones at village residents and activists, as a military force stood between the opposing sides. A military spokesman said that “30 Palestinians are currently gathering near Burin. They set up two tents at the scene.
An Israeli officer threatened AFP photographer Jaafar Ashtiye as he documented yesterday’s events that he would be arrested at his home during the night.
Kopty said the encampment was on Burin village land. She also noted that there were “small attempts here and there, but this was the third massive” such undertaking.
In January, Palestinians put up a 24-tent protest camp on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem, dubbed Bab Al-Shams or Gate of the Sun in Arabic, in a bid to draw attention to Israeli plans to build in the area, known as E1.

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