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Monitors sought to ensure women’s protection: JCCI

The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) has called on the Ministry of Labor to employ community monitors to oversee and inspect markets and shopping malls employing Saudi women.
The JCCI's human resources committee sent the proposal to the labor ministry.
Samir bin Muhammad Hussein, head of the committee, said all members unanimously agreed to forward the proposal to the ministry. The aim is to "provide a safe work environment for Saudi women who have become a key partner" in the country's development, said Hussein.
Hussein praised the labor ministry for successfully integrating Saudi women into the workplace, particularly at lingerie and cosmetics shops.
Meanwhile, Hussein pointed out that the committee sent a letter to the Ministry of Labor to seek clarity on the fee calculation formula for the issue and renewal of work permits for expatriates.
The committee has also proposed that businesses are fined if they do not terminate the employment of foreigners at the legally specified age.
Meanwhile, the JCCI's car showrooms committee headed by Owaidah Al-Johani, plans to visit the director of Jeddah Police and director of Jeddah Passports department to discuss the problem of illegal residents buying and selling cars in areas surrounding legal showrooms.
Al-Johani revealed that the committee is working on a mechanism to oversee the employment of security companies tasked with monitoring the showrooms area in Jeddah.
The car rental committee at the JCCI at its meeting chaired by Saeed Al-Bassami, has decided to participate in the Mazya program and link the program to the car rental blacklist.
The committee has also decided to open a bank account to fund its activities and support emergency and humanitarian causes. Each member will contribute SR 3,000.
The voluntary work committee at the JCCI, meanwhile, will launch its own website on Feb. 17, sponsored by Sheikh Saleh bin Abdullah Kamel, chairman of the JCCI board of directors. The committee has granted membership to nine new members.

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