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Mystery shrouds case of missing Indian workers

Mystery still clouds the case of 23-year old Indian nurse Tanaz Shaikh and an Indian worker Kuttappan Pillai, who went missing several months ago in Riyadh and Dammam respectively.
Tanaz, who joined a local hospital as a nurse in March 2010, disappeared after she underwent a surgery following stomach pains several months ago.
“The whereabouts of both Indian workers — Tanaz and Pillai are not known so far,” said Abdul Aleem, an Indian embassy official, here yesterday.
The embassy reported that Indian national Kuttappan Pillai, bearing passport number G8932517, from the Indian state of Kerala, had been missing since April 13, 2012, Aleem said.
Few details were available in the case of Pillai.
“I am trying my level best to resolve such cases,” said Aleem, while urging all NGOs and individuals to convey any information about the two missing Indian nationals. Aleem said that he received a call about the disappearance of the nurse from someone, but the details were not given to the embassy.
According to a report published in a section of Indian press, Tanaz developed severe stomach pain that persisted for a few months, leading to a surgical procedure. The operation was conducted in September 2010.
Tanaz’s health deteriorated after the surgery, according to the report. The mother of Tanaz claimed that she has written a letter to the embassy, and is yet to receive any reply.
“Nobody sent a reply from the Riyadh hospital she worked at or from embassy,” said the report.


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