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Saudi Arabia

Nazaha report of corruption at Al-Jouf University

Three cases of financial corruption, power abuse and the misuse of university property, released by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha), are related to the one individual, said Ismael Al-Bishri, director general of Al-Jouf University.
The report by Nazaha was handed over to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution on Saturday and detailed violations committed by the university and one of its employees.
The report shows the university is in violation of a number of regulations including the disbursement of transportation allowances to employees who also receive university vehicles.
One staff member was found to be receiving an accommodation allowance in addition to being provided with a home by the university. The same individual received three university vehicles. He is suspected of abusing his position, employing relatives and including them in the university’s internal scholarship program.
Al-Bishri said the university has some problems and he is determined to tackle the violations thoroughly.
He denied employees use university vehicles for their own personal use. “Cars are provided to those whose work requires them to travel,” he said, adding he cannot force them to use their own cars.
He said: “The violations outlined in the Nazaha report were committed before I was appointed. All officials are determined to combat corruption, and I am one of them.”

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