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A new star in the skies of Aston Martin ‘Vanquish 2013’

Aston Martin uncovered its new motorsport, "Vanquish 2013" Super GT, the result of a century of technological expertise combined with the best of British refinement and craftsmanship that has become the new benchmark in the world of the Grand Touring cars.
It has supplanted DBS, the company which stopped its line of production later this year.
Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd., agent of Aston Martin in the Kingdom, and Mark Pocock, brand general manager, unveiled the new model at EXCS Luxury Motor Show in Jeddah. Ali Alireza, managing director of Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd., said that the engineers and artisans at Aston Martin produced a new star and a distinctive mark in the world of grand touring cars.
"The new Vanquish 2013 holds the same unique name of the original model, the one that contributed to promoting the reputation of Aston Martin in the world of producing motorsports today," said Pocock.
The first production of this model was in 2002. Vanquish s was produced in 2005. But its production was halted in 2007.
Vanquish 2013 features the same personalized details that distinguished it the first time it was launched. The changes are not obvious, but it showcases the benefits of fine-leading technologies and Aston Marin's engineering platform. The value of the car rises with the additional specification that the customer demands.
In the core of the new Vanquish lies a new generation of V12 engines to increase the performance and suit the customized details.
The maximum power of the engine is (565 bhp). This has raised its power more than 10 percent. It was provided with a rear air pipe combined with a computerized engineering that gives the car the perfect balance at high speed.
The Vaquish 2013 includes many improvements to increase driving performance and control of the car, with a steering and brake system to present an excellent body system and a new generation of ceramic carbon brakes.
Much of the car body panels are made of carbon fibre combined together as one body of aluminum. The petrol engine is complete with modified speeds and natural air flow, 6 liters, and 6 speeds, from zero up to 100 in 4.1 seconds, to a maximum speed of 295k\h.
Its compartment was expanded to provide more space and give the passenger real comfort.
In addition, the car is equipped with a touch screen for its front.

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