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Saudi Arabia

New Zamzam bottling plant to be read yearly next year

The Unified Office of Zamzama, suppliers of Zamzam water, signed a SR 20 million contract with the Water Technology Company (WTC) to build a Zamzam bottling plant in Makkah.
Sulaiman Abu Gheelah, chairman of Zamzama said construction would begin on a new 10,000 sq meter bottling plant to replace the existing factory in the Al-Rusaifah district of Makkah.
Abdullah Baqatadah, WTC Deputy Chairman, said the company would continue to bottle natural water throughout the year, except during Haj season when it will switch to bottling Zamzam. “The new plant will be ready early next year and will be equipped with the latest in water purification technology. It will have a capacity to run two production lines and output 4,000 five-gallon packages and 12,000 bottles an hour,” he said.
The 15-year contract includes delivery and distribution of Zamzam during the Haj season to pilgrims in more than 6,000 housing units.
Gheelah said: “The agreement was sponsored by the Al-Zaidi Investment Group which provided 100 apartments close to the factory to accommodate the local work force.”
A permanent exhibition of the 700-year-old history of the holy water and the sacred well will be erected near the bottling plant. “The exhibition will show local and foreign visitors how the water is extracted from the well and bottled for distribution,” Baqatadah said.

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