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Ex-mayor erects statue of himself at Michigan home

DAVISON TOWNSHIP, Michigan: The former mayor of Flint, Michigan, who resigned in 2009 while facing a recall has erected a bronze statue of himself outside the gated entrance to his home. The Flint Journal reports that the statue of Don Williamson in Genesee County’s Davison Township, near Flint, is surrounded by six bronze lions.
On the base of the statue are the words: “The Colonel’s Inc. Founded by Donald J. Williamson May 10, 1984. His motto ‘Success is the best revenge.’” Williamson says the statue was made 20 years ago and was originally displayed at The Colonel’s Inc., the auto parts firm where he made his fortune.
Williamson says the lions were imported by his wife. Of the lion statues, he joked: “Careful, one of them is alive.” Williamson resigned as mayor in 2009 just before he was about to be recalled. Williamson and his wife moved out of their longtime home in Flint on Parkside Drive and moved to a home they built on Sugarbush Golf Course, which also is owned by Williamson, according to The Flint Journal’s archives. Williamson said they’re in the process of landscaping the property while putting the final touches on a garage.