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Saudi cultural movement on social media in spotlight

The King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue (KACND) will hold the 6th meeting for the Saudi cultural discourse, entitled “The Cultural Movement in Social websites,” from April 9 to 10 in Dammam.
The meeting will focus on several issues related to the cultural movement on social media networks, the language of social communication discourse, society’s role amid the digital movement and the future of this cultural movement.
Secretary general of the KACND, Faisal bin Muammar, said that the meeting will be the first of its kind and will discuss new issues, Alsharaq daily reported yesterday.
Muammar said that the meeting aims to highlight general issues that are related to the national dimension in the cultural movement in Saudi Arabia and its future.
“Whoever observes the developments of the cultural scene in the Kingdom can tell that social networking sites have become a major influence, especially for youth who form the largest segment of the Internet users in the Kingdom,” he said.
KACND is an independent national institution established in 2003, which seeks to strengthen channels of communication and dialogue between Saudi citizens and the different elements and institutions of Saudi society. It also aims to establish and disseminate the culture of dialogue in society, discuss national issues which affect the life of the Saudi citizen and take part in the development of the nation through enabling the participation of different groups, intellectual tendencies and social institutions through the mechanisms and mediums of dialogue.

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