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National Water Co. inks SR 100 m deal

National Water Co. (NWC) and MEP Co. have signed a memorandum of understanding for treating 5,000 m3/day industrial wastewater.
The agreement was signed by the CEO of NWC Luay Al-Musallam and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEP Co. Emad Al-Muhaidib at the headquarters of NWC in Jeddah in the presence of senior executive of the two companies, according to a press release received here yesterday.
Al-Musallam confirmed that the deal provides for treatment of industrial wastewater with MEP connecting its plant to the industrial wastewater treatment plant in Alkhomrah in Jeddah NWC.
He said the company would treat about 5000 m3 per/day of industrial wastewater in an environmentally safe manner. The agreement covers a period of 20 years involving a cost of more than SR 100 million.
Al-Musallam pointed that the signing of such agreements is part of the strategic plans of NWC to preserve the environment by getting rid of industrial wastewater in an environmentally safe manner. “We can use this treated water for the development of vital areas like cooling systems on a commercial basis. In fact, treated water is the perfect choice for industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors, as it has the cost advantage compared to the desalinated water intended for drinking, and helps to maintain a strategic reserve of groundwater, as well as in protecting the environment after use optimally,” he added.
Al-Musallam called on the public and private sectors to treat wastewater and use it in the safe industrial environmental. NWC has the ability to treat large amounts of wastewater through processing it across its terminals in a number of Saudi cities and re-use it.
The NWC initiative taken earlier showed the advantage of treated water for multiple use purposes, including industrial, commercial, agricultural, and through the provision of large amounts of treated water as a source that can be relied on with high quality and competitive prices. Use of this water is also advantageous for protecting the environment by minimizing damage and sewage. With this new deal, the value of contracts signed by NWC in this regard exceeds SR 5 billion. The company seeks use of the proceeds for the development of water services and sanitation.

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