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Saudi Arabia

HRC to offer courses on violence against children

The president of the Saudi Human Rights Commission (HRC), Bandar bin Muhammad Al-Aiban, said his commission will embark upon holding training courses for administrators and teachers at girls schools, a local newspaper reported.
“These courses aim to raise awareness about the importance of detecting cases of violence against children,” said Al-Aiban.
He pointed out that violence against children represents a violation of their rights and poses a threat to future generations.
“Severe punishment should prevail on such offenders,” he confirmed, adding that this segment of the population in particular cannot defend itself.
He demanded that urgent solutions should be set to overcome this problem by activating the role of the family, schools, various medical centers, clinics and the media.
“It is the responsibility of all members of the community to stand in the face of such violent practices against children with the cooperation of government bodies, as well as civil society,” he concluded.
The commission holds numerous specialized programs and workshops for all persons and institutions associated with childhood and children.

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