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Children fight stigma through art on World Autism Day

World Autism Day was marked with artwork by autistic children at the Arabian Wings Gallery on Monday. The exhibition was organized by the Saudi Autism Society and Arabian Wings with the aim of spreading awareness on autism while at the same time bringing autistic children to the forefront of society to eradicate stigmas associated with the disability.
A number of guests and prominent personalities, including Saud A. Al-Sheikhi, general manager at the Ministry of Culture and Information's Makkah Branch, Ali Nazar, a famous Saudi artist and Faisal Laban, a folk singer, visited the exhibition.
The artists not only supported the cause but also put their paintings up for sale to help the charity.
“The paintings done by children and painters are both on sale and whatever money will be made will go towards helping autistic children. This is our main mission; it is our social responsibility towards our nation, country and society,” said Najla Felemban, founder of Arabian Wings.
Almost 30 pieces of artwork by children themselves were on display. The organizer from the charitable organization said that they did it to let the children feel normal and give them a chance to come close to normal children and society.
“Under the patronage of Hala Al-Talhi and Sama Al-Sayed, the Saudi Autism Society organized a workshop for children, where they made their paintings themselves and participated, marking a difference in World Autism Day, which was an excellent idea,” Felemban added.
Badar Mohammed Abdu also said that he is very honored to participate in this exhibition. He also emphasized on the awareness of autism and helping children and parents who are suffering with this problem.
“Such awareness and initiatives are the responsibility of all Saudi youth and others, as it is our social responsibility towards our nation and country,” said Badar Mohammed Abdu, son of prominent Saudi singer Mohammed Abdu.
The mission of Arabian Wings is to provide an artistic environment fostering determination, encouraging artists, developing the different fields of fine arts and fostering concentration and integration amongst artists, investors and society at large, added Felmeban.
“Arabian Wings is planning to participate in this day every year as part of their social responsibility,” she added.