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Saudi Arabia

Distressed Pakistani driver spared indefinite jail term

The Pakistani community in the Kingdom has displayed its philanthropy and generosity by lending a helping hand to a fellow countryman whose plight was highlighted by Arab News.
Even beyond the Kingdom, several Pakistani community members have expressed their interest to assist the driver.
The house driver, Aziz Mohammed Jaan, who accidentally killed a two-year old child in a road accident, managed to pay SR 150,000 in blood money to the child’s Egyptian family.
Jaan, a father of five, who lives in wretched conditions in the valley outskirts of Jeddah, has been spared an indefinite prison term with the aid of the community.
The Pakistan Consulate in Jeddah has been overwhelmed the past few days with inquires on how help can be dispensed to Jaan. As a result, Aftab Ahmed Khokher, the Pakistani consul general, held a meeting in his office on Tuesday to explore possible means of extending support to the driver, within lawful parameters and in a transparent manner.
Speaking to Arab News, Khokher indicated that the Arab News report generated an overwhelming response from the community and Saudi citizens. He also pointed out that the consulate staff are following Jaan’s case and rendering all the help required.
Jaan expressed gratitude to the Arab News editorial team, saying: “This is not only a huge relief, but I also feel like I’ve been given another chance to live. My family and I have been saved; there are no words to describe my feelings. Thank God many times over.”
Jaan also extended his appreciation to the Pakistani consul general and Vice Consul Syed Tahseem Ahmed for the help they extended to him and his family.

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