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Frevo, a musical Brazilian churrascaria experience

Frevo is a Brazilian range of colorful dancing styles that are associated with Brazilian carnivals. This is also the name of a traditional Brazilian restaurant in Dubai. It is known for the mouthwatering Brazilian meats served on swords. Frevo has a set menu of all you can eat from their 13 different kinds of meat cuts. They also offer a menu for vegetarians.
The grill restaurant is located in the lobby level of Fairmont Resort at the Palm Jumeirah. You can hear the festive music before you even enter the restaurant. It comes from a live band singing original South American music and the people singing along while enjoying their food. The beige wallpaper is printed with Frevo dancer icons in colorful images and the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor area is chic yet colorful with its beige and maroon velvet chairs and sofas that seat up to 100 diners at once. The open kitchen enables you to see your dishes as they are being prepared. In the center is the salad bar filled with appetizing original Brazilian and international salads. The outdoor area overlooks the Fairmont swimming pool, gardens and beach. It is designed in a classic setting with dark wood tables that seat 30 diners at once.
The restaurants will give you the opportunity to discover the true identity of authentic Brazilian food. As soon as you are seated, your South American waiter will help you learn more about the region. He will start by explaining that the San Paulo soup of the day — which I enjoyed — is an original recipe from Chef Fernando Lima’s mother. The soup has flank beef with mixed vegetables in tomato soup and served in a traditional soup pot. The soup came with their in-house baked breadbasket that was filled with warm, delicious and traditional cheese and garlic breads.
The waiter will then lead you to the salad bar where you can choose from their beautiful and colorful variety of fresh salads and cold cuts. It is an opportunity to try Brazilian salads such as the one that is sliced like shawerma with onions, beef slices and coriander in a zesty dressing. There is also the Brazilian taboula made with tomatoes, bulgur wheat and onion in a lemon dressing. Or you can try the grilled asparagus and mushroom salad — a great choice for vegetarians. There is also a selection of international salads such as the Caesar salad and seafood salad or you can go light with the cheese selections.
As soon as you are done with the salad, you are served the side dishes of black bean stew made with beef, beef bacon and chives and the famous bero bero fried rice made with eggs, potatoes and chives. Right when you are ready for your feast, you click on the Fervo sign and turn it green to tell the waiters you are ready for the big boys to come. After less than a minute you will find them flowing to your tables with swords filled with different kinds of soft, marinated and grilled cuts from sirloin, chicken wrapped in bacon, lamb chops, NYC steak, garlic-glazed strip loin, rib eye, Wagyu beef, chicken drumsticks and more. Make sure you turn the light to red when you feel overwhelmed with the different cuts and take your time enjoying every single one of them. I guarantee you will love it. If you lost your taste buds with all those kinds of meats ask your waiter to bring you a slice of the roasted pineapple with honey and cinnamon and this will snap the taste back in.
If you are a champion and you ended up eating all 13 cuts then you know you deserve a dessert. Ask for the flaming ice cream, served on a plate of what looks like boiling water. It is actually a really cold mixture between mango and chocolate ice cream — a great choice for warm summer days.

Expect to pay for set menu: AED 250 (SR 255)
Opening hours: Saturday to Wednesday 7 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.
Thursday 7 p.m. to midnight Fridays noon to 3.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. to midnight.

Email: [email protected]

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