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Albania accepts 71 Iran exiles from Iraq

BAGHDAD: Seventy-one members of an exiled Iranian opposition group based at a camp near Baghdad have been relocated to Albania, the UN said Saturday, a week after the camp suffered deadly mortar attacks.
The resettlement is the latest in protracted efforts by the UN to move the around 3,000 members of the former rebel People’s Mujahedeen at Camp Liberty, on Baghdad’s outskirts, outside of Iraq.
“A total of 71 men and women now have safely arrived in Albania and have benefited from the government of Albania’s offer to accept 210 of the camp’s residents,” UN special envoy to Iraq Martin Kobler said in a statement.
Kobler said that Germany had also offered to accept around 100 residents, and added that the deadly attack on Camp Liberty a week ago had “once again shown how important it is to relocate the residents to third countries as quickly as possible.” On June 15, two camp residents were killed by a series of mortar rounds which hit Camp Liberty, a former American military base that now houses the Iranian exiles, in the second such attack this year.
At Iraq’s insistence, the exiles were moved to Camp Liberty late last year from Camp Ashraf, near the Iranian border, where the People’s Mujahedeen set up base in the 1980s.

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