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Hotmail ... my account was hacked!

Some hacker broke into my hotmail account. He started sending messages to all my contacts, claiming that my sister had a kidney failure and that I need financial support to save her life in the Philippines! This electronic thief is so pathetic that he did not send his bank account to my contacts. So, the fraud was never accomplished! I’ve always realized how sensitive it is to deal with Saudization issues in my writings, but hacking an e-mail was never the best way to stop me.
On a professional perspective, I believe that the Hotmail team is busy convincing us that ‘Outlook’ is the best deal in the world, to the extent that many security tasks are left behind. Moreover, the procedure of retrieving old emails is not an interesting one, not to mention how vague it is on MSN support.
Finally, all readers, friends and valued contacts, sorry I couldn’t reach your mails for more than a week. Apparently, my hotmail account’s inbox, outbox, contacts and other folders are now lost forever.
All valued readers of Arab News may reach me on: [email protected]