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Lanka envoy honors top students

The need to expose children to other cultures and religions for peaceful co-existence among all members of the society was strongly stressed by the guest speaker at the graduation ceremony of the Sri Lankan International School, in Riyadh on Friday.
The keynote speaker was the new Sri Lankan Ambassador Vadivel Krishnamoorthy, who honored the 39 graduating students.
“It gives me great pleasure to congratulate all of today’s graduates as they step out into the world to pursue their dreams. Today’s celebration of achievement should also celebrate those students who have achieved a priceless level of performance. This moment should serve as an opportunity for motivation,” Kirshnamoorthy said.
“Children require an exposure to cultures and religions other than their own. It is only then that they will appreciate the value of unity in diversity; to respect other religions and cultures while practicing and respecting their own,” the envoy said, adding that a cocooned existence could place them at a major disadvantage.
“It could be a recipe for conflict and unhappiness,” the envoy said.
As the future leaders of the world, he said, the ability to respect and cooperate with all should be translated into all your endeavors. “A substantial number of children in the Sri Lankan International School will leave Saudi Arabia some day and head toward a life either in Sri Lanka or in some other country. You will be taking up positions of leadership. It is here that you must remember to apply the values you learned.”
In his opening speech, School Principal S.M. Nazeer highlighted that the school has reached the milestone of 25 years of service to the Sri Lankan community in Riyadh. “During its existence, the school has produced several intellectuals and professionals in different fields of study. The school has seen a steady rise in its student population on a yearly basis. During 2012, the school produced more than 10 students enrolled in medical faculties across various universities around the world.

Apart from that, many students were admitted to universities in different fields of study.”
Before concluding his speech, the principal appealed the graduates to use their education to pursue noble causes and extend a helping hand to the students who are in need of their valuable services. He further implored the students to make today a better tomorrow and become useful citizens, while valuing the teachers and parents who were behind their success and bestowing upon them due gratitude.

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