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Creative Thinking: Health at its core

An interesting lecturer Lissa Rankin bluntly says that our belief that a healthy body can be obtained by following the traditional rules of healthy eating, exercising etc. is incorrect. I found her idea intriguing, so I would like to examine the main points she touched and briefly comment upon them.
She says that our being is constructed like a pile of rocks, the bottom one being the strongest and the top one being the weakest. The large sturdy base upon which the whole construction is founded on what she calls the “inner pilot light.”
I think that she is referring to what we usually call “intuition” and what I like to call “the divine spark.” I am deeply convinced that, in spite of the sometimes different appearance, we are all endowed with the intuitive capacity to know exactly what we need to do in order to lead a good life.
Unfortunately many are not aware of this, therefore they remain on a superficial level of knowledge, and therefore they never realize how much more satisfying and gratifying their lives could be. Upon the base, other “rocks” are situated, such as work and life purpose. How many take the time to ask themselves what do they really feel about these issues? Are they happy with their work? Do their have a goal they are aiming at throughout their existence?
These are very important questions because, according to the answers you give yourself, you can become conscious of how your life is actually going. Another issue to take into consideration is your relationships. Are you happy with them? Ask yourself is the people you surround yourself with are the kind of human beings you “really” want in your life. Sometimes you don’t have the choice about the type of individuals you have to deal with (such as colleagues, neighbors, relatives). As to them, you just apply the principle of acceptance and tolerance. But you have the possibility to choose your friends, the ones you prefer to spend your time with, the ones you can talk about things that you love.
Are the friends who are presently in your life able to provide you with brilliant conversation, useful insight, pleasant convivial time? If they are not, don’t forget that the choice to keep them or leave them is always yours.
What about your spiritual life? Examine your most intimate relationship with your soul and with God. Discover if you are behaving in a way that reflects your moral and ethical principles. Detect how deep is your connection with the divine and see if you can improve yourself. In addition, in order to build a healthy “self,” you must not neglect your creative side either.
A repetitive kind of life, in fact, or an extremely precise and unmovable routine can bring your general mood down and turn you into a bored and boring human being.
Dedicate yourself to a hobby, try something new or exciting, dare to explore different ways to exercise your skills. If you put your mind to it, you will be surprised to see how many opportunities are available. Don’t forget to also check upon the environment you are living in. Some things might not depend upon your choice, but others are, such as creating peace instead of turmoil, surrounding yourself with plants and flowers, reading good books or stopping watching trash TV.
Be careful with your money as well, because you might be lured into a lifestyle that is unsuitable to your present financial situation. Be also cautious about the thoughts you entertain and the words you use. Your mind is as sensitive as your physical body, so it needs to be fed with healthy stuff in order not to be “poisoned.”
At the top of this “construction,” you find the smallest rock of all. Believe it or not, it is...your physical body! You can now perceive an interesting fact: What we call health is the result of many factors that are usually considered non relevant. They are, though, and to a great extent. Physical health depends on all the elements we have just mentioned. Eating the right food and exercising regularly can be compared to using a good pen and a beautiful handwriting. But if you don’t have ideas in your mind, if you don’t know the grammar, or if you make spelling mistakes, your poem, your essay or novel will not have literary value. It will need to be edited. Why? Because your mistakes must be corrected in order for your work to be acceptable.
Finally, once you believe you have done all you could to create a healthy life, enjoy it and... don’t forget to express gratitude.

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