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‘South Sudan failing after two years of freedom’

JUBA: South Sudan is guilty of widespread human rights abuses and awash with corruption, campaigners warned on the second anniversary of the country’s independence yesterday.
US activists who backed the split from Sudan claimed in a letter that the fledgling country faces “an increasingly perilous state.”
Signatories of the letter, which accuses the new country of failing its own people and repeating the mistakes of previous rulers before independence, include John Prendergast, a former director for African affairs at the White House’s National Security Council.
“Many people in South Sudan are suffering, yet government officials seem to care only about themselves,” reads the letter, also signed by former US State Department officials including Ted Dagne, a former adviser to the government.
“We joined you in your fight against these very abuses by the Khartoum regime for many years,” they wrote in the letter, which is addressed to South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir.
“We cannot turn a blind eye when yesterday’s victims become today’s perpetrators,” they said.

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