Endemage: from Oman to the world

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Updated 12 August 2013

Endemage: from Oman to the world

Omani fashion designers Lubna and Nadia Al Zakwani are known for their unique style and strong sense of fashion.
Like most young girls, the sisters were passionate about fashion from an early age. Coming from a family of fashion forward women, their mother and aunt own a local boutique in Muscat, where they spent most of their free time. Their childhood upbringing encouraged Lubna to pursue an education in fashion and upon graduating from ESMOD, she set up the label Endemage and became the creative director, while Nadia majored in business and is now the managing director of their brand.
Arab News spoke to the young Omani sisters to learn more about their brand, fashion taste and above all the story behind the name.

AN: What does Endemage mean? What is the story behind the name?
Nadia: It means, “the merging of two.” Endemage embodies the chic and fashion savvy, through a range of ultra-elegant, East-meets-West designs. Our Omani roots constantly inspire us, even though we design for an international audience. We are dedicated to innovation and design, while not forgetting our strong culture.

AN: Tell us about your fashion brand?
Lubna: Our brand incorporates ultra feminine dresses, billowy evening gowns and statement separates. Drawing inspiration from traditional Omani designs and fabrics, Endemage provides a refreshingly revamped and contemporary look for the fashion conscious.

AN: What materials do you like to work with in your designs?
Lubna: We look for traditional materials that still hold their identity in the region as well as customized materials.

AN: What inspires you when designing a new line?
Lubna: Many things, ranging from history to nature.

AN: Is your brand 100 percent Omani? Or do you buy your materials internationally and produce your designs outside of Oman.
Lubna: All our designs are produced in Oman, but as the name implies, it is the merging of two, so we don’t necessarily only buy materials from Oman, we also add a touch of the West.

AN: Tell us about your autumn/winter 2013 collection?
Lubna: Our autumn/winter 2013 collection was inspired by a city in Muscat called Salalah. I sourced most of my fabrics from Salalah, as it is known to have the best velvets in the region. The collection features a range of evening and day wear in lace and velvet exclusively sourced from Oman in a color palette of navy, ivory, turquoise. The collection also highlights traditional Omani embroidery and prints.

AN: What is the feeling you like to exude in women wearing your brand?
Lubna: Endemage embodies modern day Arab women, who depict an understated feminine appeal, yet walk the streets with confidence and demand. The Endemage line is committed to empowering the female body, without forgetting an alluring level of modesty, for the quintessential Arab woman.

AN: Describe your fashion style
Lubna: Simple but loud, feminine, elegant and eye-catching.

AN: Is there a hidden message behind your fashion brand and if so what is it?
Lubna: There is not so much a hidden message, but more of a pride in preserving our rich culture.

AN: Where do you sell and where do you wish to sell?
Nadia: Our A/W 2013 collection will be stocked at all s*uce boutiques throughout the U.A.E.

AN: What is the next step for Endemage?
Nadia: We will be launching our autumn/winter 2013 collection in the region this year and look forward to launching our brand internationally in the coming years.

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Melania Trump sparkles in the spotlight

The first lady appeared in a Chanel gown. (AFP)
Updated 25 April 2018

Melania Trump sparkles in the spotlight

  • The First Lady wore Chanel, while Mrs. Macron wore Louis Vuitton
  • Melania Trump seemed to be making a statement stressing her personal involvement in picking the menu and gold-trimmed table settings

WASHINGTON: There were no celebrity guests, Hollywood entertainers or superstar chefs. But as she stepped out of the background to host her first state dinner, Melania Trump sought to sparkle in her moment in the spotlight.

The first lady appeared in a Chanel gown to greet President Emmanuel Macron of France and his wife, Brigitte, as they arrived for the first state dinner of Trump’s administration.

It was a big moment in fashion — and public life — for the former model, who has kept a relatively low profile since Trump took office.

With the opulent affair, Mrs. Trump seemed to be aiming to make a statement, stressing her personal involvement in picking the menu and gold-trimmed table settings. In a nod to France, she wore a black Chantilly lace Chanel haute couture gown, hand-painted with silver and embroidered with crystal and sequins, according to her spokeswoman. Her French counterpart wore Louis Vuitton.