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Online campaign to spread happiness

Ramadan is a great time to spread a good message, and people are usually most enthusiastic about doing good deeds, which is why Jeddah’s creative hub, The Loft, and the Social Clinic decided to start an online campaign to celebrate this occasion. The campaign is taking place throughout the holy month and targets Muslim communities.
“We thought that this time of year is most appropriate and we were looking for a campaign topic that is simple, and generally uplifting, and what better topic to chose for this occasion other than spreading joy?” said co-founder and art director of The Loft, Ruba Sidani. “We are raising awareness about the campaign via social media, through a series of YouTube videos and Instagram visuals that we developed for the campaign. Most importantly, we are promoting the hashtag through which our audience can participate with their own ideas on the subject,” she added. 
A Hadith by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) inspired the campaign and brought about the title “Adkhel Al Suroor”, Arabic for “bring happiness”.
“The aim of the campaign is to spread good energy among the Muslim community in this holy month. Also, it is a way to instill the idea that pleasing God can come through the smallest good deeds,” said Sidani. 
The idea behind it is to call for Muslims to spread joy and happiness among one another in simple, kind gestures. The campaign proposes ideas of such gestures throughout the holy month through a series of short videos that interview ordinary people on the street. The videos are accompanied with a series of related illustrations as well. Finally, the campaign calls for people to share their ideas through tweets, illustrations, or even videos under their hashtag. 
When browsing social media you will find people reposting their artwork and sharing ideas about the campaign. “Thankfully we’ve received positive feedback on the campaign. It makes us very happy to see other people sharing good deeds they’ve done. We encourage everyone to keep participating with their tweets, ideas, illustrations or videos and suggest new simple and thoughtful ways to make others happy,” said Sidani. 
Explaining the choice of Arabic as medium of communication, Sidani said, “This campaign targets our local community, mostly consisting of Arab Muslims, which is why we decided to launch the campaign in our mother-tongue. We wanted to create all-Arabic tools and encourage communication in the language of the holy Qur’an. Moreover, the interviews with people on the streets were conducted in Arabic and we wanted to maintain the natural flow of conversation.” 

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