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Saudi Arabia

Pak expats outraged at TV host’s antics

Many members of the Pakistani community in the Kingdom are expressing anger at TV host Aamir Liaquat’s offensive programs and style, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.
Last week, Liaquat invited the singer Taher Shah to his Ramadan show and mocked the singer as he sang his single “Eye to Eye” on live television. The TV show host ridiculed his music and got personal, commenting on his hair and even tugging at it.
After requesting Shah to sing a few lines from his song, Liaquat interrupted him, bringing in a live snake and forcing the singer to wrap it around his neck. The cameraman focused on the distressed singer’s face as Liaquat toyed with Shah’s hair.
Maleeha Ahmad, who is working as a general physician in Riyadh, said: “Shah is also a human being who did not deserve to be treated with such disregard, especially on live TV. Making fun in front of the entire nation is pathetic.”
Asif Iqbal, a Pakistani businessman in Riyadh, said: “Islam taught us to respect others but the audience is encouraging the host’s shameful behavior.”
Afsheen Salahuddin, a housewife, said that Liaquat needs to learn some basic manners. “He needs to understand that it is a Ramadan show and that he should not have invited Shah to such a show,” she said.
She added that Liaquat acted this way because a large number of people had already made fun of and humiliated Shah on Facebook and Twitter. “It is very wretched how he throws gifts at people in his show,” she said.

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