Website founder to 7 years in jail

JEDDAH: Arab News

Published — Thursday 1 August 2013

Last update 1 August 2013 6:10 am

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A criminal court in Jeddah has sentenced the founder of a website to seven years in jail and 500 lashes for disturbing public order, violating Islamic law and values, insulting the divine and satirizing religious symbols, a local newspaper has reported.
Prior to the verdict, several hearings were held in both the general and criminal courts in Jeddah, where the general court refused to pass a death sentence.
The case was referred to the Appeal Court, which returned it to the criminal court. 
The defendant objected to the ruling after the court judge granted him 30 days to submit his objection. 
The general prosecutor of the court demanded severe sanctions against the defendant according to Article 6 (the first paragraph), and Article 9 of the law to combat information crimes. He demanded confiscation of the computer used in the crime according to Article 13 of the same law. 
He had charged the defendant with violating the law to combat information crimes by establishing a website that disturbed public order and incited others to do the same.
He presented evidence by referring to the number of the interactive communications on the website, including anti-religious connotations and other such phrases.

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