Abeer’s campaign deserves recognition


Abeer’s campaign deserves recognition

On Twitter, Abeer, a young Saudi activist, is trying hard to raise a campaign for street workers who keep our city clean and attractive. Abeer is very successful in her volunteer duty, and many people in Riyadh are donating and supporting the cause.

Donors have the choice either to donate a shirt, a bottle of perfume or a mobile phone charge card.
According to Abeer, all the chosen gifts, in a way, represent Eid. A new shirt may help them match the festive occasion. A perfume will surely help them feel fresh, and a recharge card can grant a phone call to their family. A ‘Happy Eid’ is one of the rights we wish to give to every expat in need.
Many Saudi youth like Abeer and her friends are seen during Ramadan in mosques and in the streets. The main aim is to make another person happy. The extension of such voluntarily work up till Eid, certainly suggests that the youth want to continue the good word beyond the season as well.

• The writer is the media manager of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences.
• Twitter: @abdullahsayel

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