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Saudi Arabia

10 Umrah pilgrims die, 27 others hurt in road accidents

Ten people died and eight were seriously injured on Tuesday in an accident involving five vehicles carrying Umrah pilgrims on the Makkah-Allaiyth Coast Road in Al-Shuaybah.
Thirteen first-aid team paramedics transferred the victims to Al-Noor Specialized Hospital in Makkah for treatment, while Civil Defense rescued other victims trapped in a taxi involved in the crash.
In an unrelated crash, another Umrah pilgrim died and 19 injured in a traffic accident on the Hijrah road in Madinah. The pilgrims, all from Egypt, were on their way back after performing Umrah.
A tire on their bus burst, causing the vehicle to turn upside down. Seven of the injured remain in critical condition.
Seven Red Crescent ambulances moved the casualties to area hospitals. Meanwhile, an ambulance was hit by a cab while it was driving to the scene. The ambulance crew sustained minor injuries.

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