World’s first pop-art satellite headed to space


Published — Monday 12 August 2013

Last update 18 August 2013 12:52 pm

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LOS ANGELES: If aliens ever target Earth, Jon Gibson and Amanda White are counting on them having an appreciation for pop art and a sense of humor.
The two artists have created an elaborate, Andy Warhol-like design that has been etched into a satellite’s panel, transforming it into a replica of an oversized electrical charging device.
Gibson jokes that any would-be space invader who sees it might be charmed by Earth’s sense of humor and not attack.
At the very least, the alien would have an opportunity to observe Earthling pop art.
Craig Clark, CEO of Scotland-based Clyde Space, asked the two owners of LA’s iam8bit gallery to decorate his satellite.
He’s decided it’s time that spacecraft be both functional and aesthetic, and he hopes to start a trend.

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